Shits Happened in Egypt

Have u ever experienced any “shit happened” when you traveled? At the Cairo International Airport, I’ve got lesson learned that shouldn’t be taken un-seriously!


I went directly to the immigration counter right after I landed on the Airport. Unfortunately, I had to wait for my passport to be further checked by the immigration officer. Although I didn’t know the way he chose the tourist passport to be checked, It’s basically common in Cairo. When I came to the desk, he brought my passport to the Immigration office and asked me to wait at the back for 5 minutes. Almost 15 minutes there was no announcement whether my passport had been finished. Then, I asked him, again he just said, “You have to wait for 5 minutes”.  Continue reading “Shits Happened in Egypt”




Have you ever heard that name, Alexandria? It can be someone’s name, but for me it’s a city. Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria is a Mediterranean port city in Egypt. It turned out Alexandria was the second most powerful city of the ancient world after Rome.

So what makes it special? again it’s subjective, Hahaha. Since I’ve got the opportunity to visit Egypt, I didn’t wanna miss Alexandria for the sake of The Great Library! As a-geek-bookworm, well not literally, The Library of Alexandria is a must! Ok, that’s too excessive. The truth is I just wanted to see what so called the largest library in the ancient world. Even though it has been replaced with the modern one, it’s still the largest library.
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Petra : The enchanting pink buildings


Never though I would come to Petra this soon. It was the Naked Traveler book that intrigued me to explore more about Petra. Then one day I saw this place on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie. Another day when I was on the bus, there was a seller who sold books about Muslim Prophet. I saw Petra on the book cover. It turned out Petra building was there since the 5th Prophet, Nabi Soleh. My desire to come to Petra was getting higher since then.

I went there in 2014. Petra ticket was my most expensive entrance fee, so far. One day pass was 50 JOD (1 JOD = 20k IDR, at that time). Not to mention if you want to experience “Petra by night”, it’s a separate ticket. Actually if you have more time and want to explore more than a day, two days pass was 55 JOD, way much cheaper huh! 😀

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Visa oh Visa

Di 2014, gue melakukan perjalanan besar 3 benua 4 negara yaitu Mesir, Yordania, Yunani dan Turki. Kenapa 3 benua? karena Turki merupakan bagian dari Benua Asia dan Benua Eropa. Sebagai penduduk yang memegang passport Indonesia, sungguh sangat disayangkan kita harus membuat 4 visa karena masing-masing negara membutuhkan visa yang berbeda. Sampai saat ini pemegang Indonesia Passport masih harus memerlukan visa untuk masuk ke banyak negara.

Visa Turki

Dimulai dari yang paling mudah dulu ya. Visa Turki termasuk mudah, bisa visa on arrival dan sekarang dipermudah lagi e-visa. Bisa buka website nya disini atau langkah-langkahnya bisa dilihat di blog temen langkah e-visa. Biaya visa turki 25 USD.

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Adios 2015

Hey Hoy Hallo, long time no see, my blog. Well, after a year I finally write something in here. Hahaha. I intend to move all my old posting, but I don’t think it is necessary, only few perhaps. Well, here is the link of my old blog, you may visit if you want though (^__^).

2016 it is, yes it’s a new year! Lets us reminiscing what already happened back then for past a year.

January  – Suddenly Penang, it’s famous because of its Mural, Penang street art, wall paintings and the culinary. I can’t forget the taste of that snail, oh my good it was so delicious, lekker ding!. Still, it was really sad knowing that Penang was my last trip with Yayi Meirizka, one of my good friends.

Februari – Finally Kelas Inspirasi in Bandung. What an experience! Being a one day teacher for elementary school students and having new friends were something I liked most. You guys must try at least once in your life.

March – Sabtu Hore trip to Bandung!! Finally we made it. Hahaha. Happy birthday Aldilasa. Continue reading “Adios 2015”

Sunset over Bukit Berahu

I am a sunset lover as well as a sunset hunter. Wherever I go I always find a way to enjoy sunset.

Last December, I went to Belitung, an island in Sumatra. I stayed at Bukit Berahu Cottage which is the perfect place to see sunset in Belitung. December is the beginning of the rainy season in Indonesia, so I expected nothing for the sunset.  However when I arrived in Belitung, I felt so lucky because it turned out the weather was so bright. I had no plan on the day of the arrival but enjoyed the place. Another luck was I had a beach view room, so I can enjoy sea waves sound and sunset without walking away to the beach.

Sunset underneath my sunglasses